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Balhousie Care Group is Scotland's largest privately owned provider of care in nursing homes, residential care homes and advanced specialist care centres. Currently, our expert staff of almost eight hundred are caring for up to eight hundred residents in twenty-two Balhousie Care homes.

Our staff pride themselves on ensuring that our residents enjoy the highest standard of individual and personalised care.

Importantly, we recognise the right of every resident to be treated as an individual rather than focusing on just their age or their condition. We see it as a privilege to provide a safe, secure and caring environment for the elderly or frail entrusted to our care. Our passion is well known for ensuring that the opinions and preferences of every resident and their families is understood, and that the standard of care we provide goes beyond what might normally be expected.

Our managers and their staff are genuinely dedicated and proud to be able to care for our residents in what we call "The Balhousie Way", and we hope that you are able to learn more here at our website about "The Balhousie Way", its value and its meaning to our residents, their families and the community at large.


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