About Balhousie
Care Group

Person-centred care

We aim to be an organisation that really focusses on our people: our residents; our staff; our relatives and all those we work closely with us to deliver great care.

Quality of Life

Every stage of life should be embraced and enjoyed, our job is to provide the support to each resident to help them achieve their goals, and where possible, their wishes. Our person-centred ethos helps us achieve this by putting individuals at our core and ensures each resident is in control of their own care from the very outset.

What Community Means to Us

Being involved within the local community is something that’s very important to all of us here at Balhousie Care.

Many of our residents have lived in the communities where our homes are located and retaining these links is another aspect of ensuring that residents feel truly at home in their Balhousie Care home.

Local Involvement

We have regular visits to our homes from members of the local community; school children, church congregations, local retailers and local entertainers – all of whom are a part of the fabric of the society in which we live. These are just some of the members of the community that contribute to everyday life in our Balhousie Care homes and we thank them for that. It is such an important element of life for our residents.

Our staff are also involved in local community projects and fundraising.

If you would like more information on how your organisation could forge links with your local Balhousie Care home, please get in touch at:


or call 01738 254 254

History of Balhousie Care

Tony Banks, founder and Chairman of Balhousie Care Group bought his first care home in August 1991, named Lisden care home.

In the initial stages, Tony and his young family lived in the upstairs quarters whilst he refurbished the home, making it fit for care home purposes. The works were completed in the April of 1992 and doors opened to the first Balhousie residents later that month.