History of Balhousie Care

Tony Banks, founder and Chairman of Balhousie Care Group bought his first care home in August 1991, named Lisden care home.

In the initial stages, Tony and his young family lived in the upstairs quarters whilst he refurbished the home, making it fit for care home purposes. The works were completed in the April of 1992 and doors opened to the first Balhousie residents later that month.

Tony was driven by a desire to provide quality residential and nursing care to the elderly after noticing a woeful absence in facilities across the North East of Scotland. 25 years later and the desire remains the same, putting residents at the forefront of care and providing facilities that meet personalised care needs for all residents within our 25 homes.

Throughout this period, the principles of care have remained the same and the vision hasn’t faltered. By delivering care and kindness to the people within our business, we will provide a quality of life for residents.