Our Passion for Care

Here at Balhousie, care is at the forefront of all that we do. It's our business. It's our passion. It's even in our name...


Our philosophy of respect, dignity, choice and excellence in care is present in all of our Balhousie Care homes and ensures Tony's initial vision is upheld.


Together we perform at our best and our values underpin the way we operate, as individuals, as a team and as a business.


We operate consistently to the highest standards in our role. We expect this from ourselves and our colleagues.


We respect each other and operate in an environment of mutual trust, built around honesty and integrity.


By working together, as a team with our colleagues and external partners we maximise our contribution to our residents, our homes and our business.


We are clear on our role and the contribution it makes to our residents and our business and work hard to deliver the quality expected of us.

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