64th Wedding Anniversary

The romance of Peter Malloch and Lucy Simpson

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In Peter Malloch's own words:

‘We first met 1943-44 at the showground on the South Inch Perth. It was a young boy/girl romance. We would kiss behind the waltzer!!

I was a member of the Black Watch Army Cadets at the time.

We went together for a year or so then drifted apart.

At that time I was an apprentice butcher, Lucy worked with Dewar Whiskey Bond.

We went our separate ways for a few years. It was after I finished 2 years national service that we met up again in 1949 and started up with each other again. We married in 1961 at St Ninians Cathedral, Perth 28th July. We celebrate 64 years this year.

Throughout our marriage, we never had a bad word between us!’

Part of the family

Peter is obviously devoted to Lucy. He visits her pretty much every day and is very much a part of our family at North Inch.