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Residents Embark on Birthday Bunting Project

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There are often lots of birthday celebrations that go on within the care home.  We always endeavour to make that extra effort on a birthday, especially when it is residents celebrating a significant milestone.

Some of our residents requested that we make handmade birthday cards, or some sort of birthday decoration that can be used for birthday events in the home.

With this in mind, last week we began the process of designing and making a 'bunting style' birthday banner.

Residents have really been getting in touch with their inner creative by trying out techniques including painting, stippling, printmaking and decoupage, to make textured and colourful patterns.  These individual pieces of artwork have now formed the basis for the lettering to be used on the birthday bunting.

This project is inclusive of all abilities as it is formed on the basis of simple mark making, therefore anyone can take part.

We are really looking forward to seeing the end results.