Arts in Care Poetry Group

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We recently started our Arts in Care class and we had our poetry writing group this week.

It’s a really great way of keeping residents minds active but also allowing individuals to articulate their thoughts and feelings in a creative way. Often, we can identify changes in mood from classes like this, it then helps us to identify ways of supporting residents.

Here’s two of the poems from this week’s class. Their achievement in writing these has brought a few of the staff and relatives to tears by just how well they have done.

Resident poem - Tiles

'The awkwardness of our aches and pains

And the energy that all that drains

But it doesn’t take away our smiles

‘cause we’re always ready for a night on the tiles'

Days get longer

As time goes by and days get longer

Our bodies get weak but our will gets stronger

Our minds start to play at the break of day

And all our worries fly away. 

Poems by: Julie, Nancy, Edith, Nan & Margaret B.