Balhousie Huntly 5th Birthday

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Today Balhousie Huntly celebrates its 5th Birthday, we celebrated this special day by hosting a tea party on Friday afternoon which was very successful with many residents, family & friends attended.

Violet Cassie, 96, one of our earliest residents cut the cake on the day and said "I love you all, we are very happy in this place".

Violet's daughter Barbara Denoon also stood up and said a few words;

"I would like to thank all the staff for there care & compassion they give towards our mothers, fathers, brothers & sisters who live here, it means a lot to know they are safe & cared for and we are very grateful"

John Hamilton, Home Manager commented;

"Five years ago on 27th November 2012, we at Balhousie Huntly admitted our first resident. The team had been drawn from the local communities in and around Huntly, and brought together around the Balhousie way of doing things. From those small beginnings we worked our way through the opening of yellow, red and green units. The final unit was opened and included our Dementia Friendly Unit, completing the facility into what is today Balhousie Huntly. We have been extremely fortunate to have been able to attract and retain the best team of staff I have seen in my working life, as well as some really fantastic residents and their associated families.

The community of Huntly has welcomed us and given us the space and time to grow into an important part of the fabric of the town, with strong connections across peoples of all ages and backgrounds. Our partnership working with the local charities, schools and nurseries has provided examples of the very best practices to be found in Scotland today.

We have worked hard to demonstrate that life in a care home can be a special life, with many of our residents finding new ways to express themselves and rediscover forgotten or hidden talents for communication and socialisation. For many of our residents, they come here following a period unintended seclusion, having become isolated through ill health, with few opportunities to socialise outside of their families and carers.

At Balhousie Huntly we will continue to pursue our founding objectives to bring smiles to the faces of the elders of Huntly and the surrounding communities; thank you for a very rewarding first five years."