An introducing to a new game.

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The residents were introduced to a new game no one had tried before; Boccia! This game is an olympic sport.that can be played by anyone, even those who have sever disbilities. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed learning something different. The rules are different from bowls, the impliments are weighted round bean bags (slightly squishy so easy to handle), you are allowed to throw, kick, bowl or even use a ramp to drop the balls; we used a simple peice of guttering - excellent bricolage (when some items original use is changed to do something else)!!! 

We played Boccia and then some different games like knots and crosses, closest to the line and normal bowls rules. 

The staff and the residents we cheering each other on and having a great laugh. Our volunteer Allan was the referee for the afternoon, he was strict but fair!!!

Even our spectators had a great time and were cheering people on.

Alison, the activies coordinator, is attending a course to become a Boccia Leader; so she will be able to incorporate further knowledge into the activity in the future. This was a great physical and mental activity even for those whith severe restrictions.

Everyone said they look forward to the next time we play this game.