Bonnybridge Gala Day

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On Saturday 5th August 2017, Bonnybridge held its first Gala day in 15 years, the last Bonnybridge Gala Day was held in 2002. Wheatland's were delighted to be offered the oppertunity to be apart of the days procession. As Wheatland's has been a longstanding landmark in the small town of Bonnybridge, Wheatland's has always been know to the locals and many of the residents in fact have lived in Bonnybridge themselves.

Residents at Wheatland's spent time making decorations for our lovely mini bus, which we think they deserve a big well done, as we thought it looked great on the day. The atmosphere was wonderful on the day and everyone seemed in very high spirits especially our residents that took part in the procession as they sang and cheered at the crowds of poeple waving their pompoms they made especially for the day.

We would like to thank all the organisers of the day and the lovely community in Bonnybridge!