Callanders Woodland Activity Programme

Week 3

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On Wednesday 16th August, Wheatland's residents and dementia ambassadors travelled to Callander woods to join the Rangers for the third week.

This week the weather wasn't the best as the rain came lashing down, however the Rangers lived up to their roles and within minutes, they had created shelter that fully surrounded us.

With this, they also started a fire to keep us warm and we produced hot drinks for everyone. There we sat with a hot beverage in hand singing some of our favourite songs.

The rangers using the fire and a tin with a hole in the lid made us some charcoal pencils, participants to took turns drawing wonderful pictures and continuing the camp songs. Before anyone knew it, it was lunchtime and everyone settled down to have there pack lunches, sharing with everyone around the camp. It is wonderful to see everyone talking and smiling as they enjoyed their lunches.

After lunch some participants helped as we collected leaves and pine cones to take back to Wheatland's. The Rangers showed us a fantastic fire stove that due to the way it’s been built using planters and tins created a wood fuelled gas stove.

Our residents this week left and everyone appeared very happy and speaking of looking forward to next week before we have even left the campsite. It is a wonderful activity and even the weather didn't hinder the experience in anyway as the Rangers were very quick to put the shelter up for everyone. Everyone said their goodbyes and we made our way home.