Callendars Woodland Activity Programme - Week 10

Final week - into the woods

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On Wednesday 27th September 2017, Wheatland’s participants attended their final week of the Woodland Activity Programme. Run by the forestry commission in Callendar Woods.
Everyone helped to prepare the campsite by collecting some wood, getting the fire started to keep the midges at bay and getting the Kellie Kettles on for everyone to enjoy a cup of tea/coffee.
From the moment we set up camp everyone could hear a buzzard calling, we all sat quietly intently listening. We tried to use the bird caller to get a glimpse but we had no success this week. Once the excitement of a nearly sighting the buzzard settled, we commenced our first activity of the day. We created a tree pencil holder, the cubic base being the amount of wood that the forestry commission needs to chop down to make carbon to allow us to watch TV for half an hour on a 32inch TV.
We enjoyed lunch as we all mingled with our friends we have made over the last 9 weeks. Sharing different food brought along and reminiscing about what we done over the last few weeks and different things we have learned. After lunch was done with participants always crumble the leftover sandwiches to leave for the birds.
Similar to our first activity we made wooden owls to keep reminding us of all the amazing activities we had done over the weeks. The Forest Rangers, Jim and Gordon presented all the participants with a John Muir Award which was well deserved by everyone!
It was a sad day by the end as the participants realised that we would have to wait another year to attend the next sessions! Everyone is already looking forward to it starting back up.
All the residents and staff would like to thank, Jim and Gordon for all they’re hard work, positive encouragement and all the enthusiasm they brought each and every week, it has been a pleasure.


Maria O'Rourke
Dementia Ambassador