Callendars Woodland Activity Programme - Week 8

week 8 into the woods

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Woodland Activity Programme – Week 8 into the Woods

On Wednesday 13th September 2017, Wheatland’s participants eagerly made their way to Callendar woods to participate in the eighth week of the Forest Rangers Woodland Activity Programme.
Once everyone had arrived and the campsite was set up with everyone helping as they could. The Rangers told us we would be making pancakes over the fire. Everyone was thrilled and enjoyed their pancakes with a topping of their choice and a hot drink to accompany it, made with the Kellie kettles. Myra said “it’s the best cup of coffee I’ve ever had”.
Everyone enjoyed each other’s company, singing songs and chatting. We had a special addition to our group this week, Mandy. Mandy Cook, PhD Student from University of Dundee made this programme happen. Our participants can’t thank her enough as many of our participants look forward to this every week.
All the participants sang songs for example Que Cira Cira, The skyboat Song and lots more around the campfire. Everyone appeared in high spirits as you can see in the photographs. As lunch approached we went round all the participants and asked if they would like their sandwhiches toasted. Everyone enjoyed their toasted sandwhiches.
Wheatland's Participants helped collect more leaves for our Woodland Activity tree on our walk back to where we get picked up.

Maria O'Rourke
Dementia Ambassador