Callendars Woodland Activity Programme - Week 9

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On arrival at forest as soon as we got out car residents headed straight to campsite without prompting they all knew the way.
Once chairs were out, fire lit we all sat to have a cuppa and biscuits. We all chatted about what everyone had been up to over the past week.
We all participated with some bird calling again, we were visited by a robin which one of the residents decided to feed.
The rangers then put potatoes wrapped in tin foil into the fire. The residents said they were looking forward to lunch to-day. After a short time potatoes were ready to eat, some of us put tuna/ cheese/ coleslaw on them. We all agreed that they were the best we had ever tasted, they had crispy skins but fluffy inside. After lunch kettles were put on again for tea/coffee.
The Rangers then brought out clay and demonstrated how to make animals out of it. Everyone then was given clay to mould one resident moulded his into a fish, another made an eel, another made a snail but put it on ground to harden and ranger Gordon stood on it, residents burst out into laughter when they seen the squashed snail. It was then time to leave camp. One resident requested to stay a little longer but unfortunately we could not do this.


Linda Skinner
Dementia Ambassador