Carnoustie Flower Show

An outing for Eva and Harry to Carnoustie Flower Show

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A lovely outing for 2 of our Residents - Eva Kyle and Harry Phinn.  We headed off to Carnoustie Flower Show for a look at the lovely exibits of flowers, vegetables, homebakes, and many other craftwork.  Eva and Harry enjoyed their time wandering around and having a good look at everything.  They even had a shot at the tombola but unfortunately neither were successful.  While chatting Harry said he used to come to Carnoustie Beach as a child so Lyne took Harry and Eva on a drive along the seafront. We stopped to allow Harry and Eva to get out and have a look along the beach and over the water.  They both seemed to enjoy the experience.  As it was a bit blowy we decided to get heated up with a cuppy from Madisons Cafe which is situated along the seafront.  Harry and Eva enjoyed a long chat over their cuppy then it was time to head back to Willowbank.  Both Harry and Eva said they thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon as it was not expected.