Christmas Shopping outing

Luncarty Residents Getting into the festive spirit

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Nancy and Faye have struck up a very good friendship within Luncarty House and one wont be seen without the other.

Often found looking out for one another and reminding each other of things that need to be done, encouraging and prompting at mealtimes, chatting, laughing and gossiping. Typical ..... Best Friends.

What do best frinds love to do? Gooooooo Shopping!!

Kayleigh and Stephanie took Faye and Nancy into Perth so they could do Just that!

After a hard days shopping they went for a cup of tea and a bite to eat!

What a fantastic day they had!

We know how important participating in activities is as it can help to prevent frustration, boredom and challenging behaviours.

Activities can help the person maintain independence in and around the home, help maintain skills, improve self esteem, improve the quality of life for the person with dementia, allow the person to express his or her feelings and importantly bring pleasure to all involved as you share these moments together.

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

From All of the staff and Management at Luncarty