Cognitive Simulation Therapy Week 2

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Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Week 2

On  Friday 21st and Tuesday 25th April 2017, Our Dementia ambassadors proceeded with week 2 of our Cognitive Stimulation therapy with the Bonny Wheatland’s Clan and Wheatland’s supreme. All members of the group attended the sessions.

Our second session was all about remembering numbers and also allowing participates to get to know each other. We start the session with talking about our Group Name and then go on to sing our theme song. We remind everyone of last week’s activities and then discussed the day, month, year, season, weather, time and name and address of where we are. We do this for 10-15minutes at the beginning of each session before the warm up.

The warm up is another 10-15minute activity where we can use the ball to either get to know who everyone is or when the ball is thrown to you in this instance we asked that everyone tell us there favourite number and why. This allows the residents to get to know each other a little better and hopefully allow the residents to share a special date for example “ 10th is special as it is my birthday”.

After the warm up we played Snakes and Ladders which everyone enjoyed. Snakes and ladders I found worked really well as participates had to count the number of boxes they were to move but also found that participates liked to help each other and also had a joke and a laugh in the process.

We then took 10mins to look through the newspapers provided to see if anything in the news stood out for them. We had a few discussions of pictures that stood out to participates.

In the closing 10minutes we thank everyone individually for attending and summarized what was discussed. We sang our theme song and reminded our group of our once a week session.

If you have an interest or are interested for your relative please feel free to speak to any of our Dementia Ambassadors. If you are unsure of Wheatland’s Dementia Ambassadors you can find all their information on the Dementia Ambassadors Notice Board outside the Managers office.