Cognitive Stimulation Therapy

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Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Week 5

Bonny Wheatland’s Clan & Wheatland’s Supreme

On Friday 12th May and Tuesday 16th May 2017, Our Dementia ambassadors organised week 5 of our Cognitive Stimulation therapy with Bonny Wheatland’s Clan and Wheatland’s Supreme.

Our fifth session was ‘‘sounds over the decades’’, Our Dementia Ambassadors prepared animal pictures and the corresponding sounds to match and also prepared a list of music ranging from the Early 50’s to the late 70’s.

The warm up is another 10-15minute activity where we can use the ball to either get to know who everyone is or when the ball is thrown to you in this instance we asked that everyone tell us ‘What is your favourite Animal?’. Every week we try and use a different question but also recapping on what last week’s questions and answers were. Participants all answered here are some of our answers puppies, dog’s penguins and rabbits.

After the warm up, we started our first game, Guess the animal. The entire group had different pictures of animals scattered across the table and a small white board. I asked that when I played the sound of the animal if the group individuals could look among the pictures and match the sound writing their answers on their whiteboards and for those who struggled to write our students assisted by allowing the resident to spell the words out. This was a fun and light-hearted game that everyone appeared to enjoy and everyone participated very well.

Our second game we used music from the early 50’s to the late 70’s and a few random songs popped in the middle. Points were given for the artist name but also the song name. The Group found this very enjoyable and had a laugh about the ones they didn’t know. The Groups worked well as part of team and helped each other try and work out the answers.  


In the closing 10minutes we thank everyone individually for attending and summarized what was discussed. We sang our theme song and reminded our groups of our once a week session.

If you have an interest or are interested for your relative please feel free to speak to one of our Dementia Ambassadors. If you are unsure of Wheatland’s Dementia Ambassadors you can find all their information on the Dementia Ambassadors Notice Board outside the Managers office.