Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Week 6

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Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Week 6

Bonny Wheatland’s Clan and Wheatland’s Supreme

On Friday 19th May and Tuesday 23rd May 2017, Our Dementia ambassadors organised our final week of our Cognitive Stimulation therapy with Bonny Wheatland’s Clan and  Wheatland’s Supreme.

Our Last session was all about fun and enjoying the bond we have created over the last 6 Weeks. We hosted a small tea party with nibbles, chocolate and beverages.

We started our session as we always do by asking our group their group name and singing our theme song, I have found in both groups that the participants remember the song a lot better than what we have done in previous weeks.

This week was all about a little fun and finding out if the participants remember our activities from our previous weeks. We recapped from week 1-5 and spoke about our favourite parts. Some of our residents enjoyed creating there plant pots others enjoyed planting the sunflowers but overall enjoyed our weekly sessions.

After we spoke about our sessions we moved on to play some fun party games we played Pictionary and listened to some of our playlist from the previous week. Participants enjoyed some refreshments whilst they shared old stories and nice memories.  Some of our participants enjoyed a singalong and a dance to top our little party off.

In the closing 10minutes we thank everyone individually for attending and summarized what was discussed but also reminding participants that this was the last session for this Group but we will be taking a few weeks break and creating new groups if anyone is interested. We sang our theme song for the last time and heading back into the home.

If you have an interest or are interested for your relative please feel free to speak to one of our Dementia Ambassadors. If you are unsure of Wheatland’s Dementia Ambassadors you can find all their information on the Dementia Ambassadors Notice Board outside the Managers office.