Congnitive Stimulation Therapy Week 4

Plants and Planting

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Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Week 4

Bonny Wheatland's Clan & Wheatland's Supreme

On Friday 5th May and Tuesday 9th May, Our Dementia ambassadors proceeded with week 4 of our Cognitive Stimulation therapy with Bonny Wheatland’s Clan and Wheatland’s Supreme.

Our fourth session was ‘‘plants and planting’’, Our Dementia Ambassadors came up with a wonderful idea of recycling our large tins from the kitchen and turning them into plant pots for our participates to get creative with designing and painting their own plants pot. This week we used the completed plant pots to host our chosen sunflower seeds.

The warm up is another 10-15minute activity where we can use the ball to either get to know who everyone is or when the ball is thrown to you in this instance we asked that everyone tell us ‘What is your favourite plant?’. Every week we try and use a different question but also recapping on what last week’s questions and answers were. Participates all answered with different flowers among them were Lilies, Lavender, Forget Me Nots, Thistles, Roses and Begonia’s.

After the warm up we got stuck in and put soil into our plant pots and then choose different sunflower seeds to plant in our pots. We got donated £30 worth of seeds and soil from B & Q in Cumbernauld for our residents to enjoy. Our resident look forward to watching there flowers grow and we are hopefully going to have a little competition between the groups to see who’s sunflower grows the tallest! Our group enjoyed getting their hands into the soil and planting there seeds.

In the closing 10minutes we thank everyone individually for attending and summarized what was discussed. We sang our theme song and reminded our group of our once a week session.

If you have an interest or are interested for your relative please feel free to speak to one of our Dementia Ambassadors. If you are unsure of Wheatland’s Dementia Ambassadors you can find all their information on the Dementia Ambassadors Notice Board outside the Managers office.