Creating environments for residents

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Our Participation Partner, Cheryl Banks, has been working hard at Stormont Care Home over the last couple of weeks to support them in their changing environment process.

Their focus has been on creating environments that are engaging, relaxing and meaningful for residents. Here’s what Cheryl had to say:

‘Over the past month or so there has been lots of work going into improving the quality of the environment at Stormont.

We decided to start with the rather bland area in the pictures which is actually the end of a corridor but a place where a number of residents like to stop and sit. As you can see from the pics attached it was rather uninspiring and lacked the homely and personalised touch that we’ve come to expect in our homes.’

‘The most important thing was creating an area that residents wanted and enjoyed, therefore we made sure they were involved throughout the design process. Residents helped chose the wallpaper, furnishings and been out shopping to purchase some bits and bobs too. I think they’ve done a grand job.’ 

Creating meaningful environments

This is just the start of the change process in Stormont, Cheryl has her eye on various spaces around the home that she wants to work with residents to develop including: the big upstairs lounge, a café and a little family room.

We’re looking forward to seeing the developments.