Easter Activities at Brookfield

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Residents of Brookfield had a very enjoyable run up to Easter. There were lots of activities in which the Residents took part including: making cards, Easter Bonnets designs and creating Easter baskets. We also made lovely Easter pictures using crepe paper and other arts and crafts.

Some of our relatives also took part in the events, which was great. A husband of one of our Residents made an Easter card for his wife who was delighted with the results, Cathy also made a card which was sent to her brother who lives further afield.

The lead up to the weekend also saw one of our residents go out shopping with a carer to purchase goods for the Easter display and raffle. This was part of her meaningful activity which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Over the Easter weekend, we held a raffle to help raise £97 for our comfort fund which was very successful. 

The whole weekend was lovely, lots of sunshine, laughter and happy faces.