Friendship Club

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Jozi Stables - Home Manager and  Karen McRostie Editor and Proprietor of "Lang Toon Times" have came together and formed a new Friendship Club in Auchterarder. Karen was in visiting Jozi within the home regarding a project when they both got talking and very quickly discovered they shared a passion for tackling loneliness within the local community. 

They got discussing and came up with the initative of developing a friendship group in the local commuity hall. The first club was held on 20th December where it saw 12 people from the local community turn up. There were various different people there but with one thing in common - loneliness. 

Karen and Jozi were both delighted to see so many people turn up especially on the first day. Jozi commented " We know it may take a while to get running with the club but already after one meeting having so many people turn up truly feels amazing that we have already made a difference within our community. Karen and i are both busy working behind the scenes approaching the local authorities and funding panels to see what is available to support us with the project. We have already been approached by different people and business' offeing support and willingness to get involved. We are very excited for the future of the friendship club" 

The friendship club is open to people of all ages who need a break from daily life to unwind, relax and to meet new people. The next meeting is planned for January the 17th at 2pm in Aytoun Hall. 

If you have any question please contact Jozi on