Getting personal with our external partners

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Today at Ruthven Towers we worked with our Visoncall Business Development Manager Colin McGowan to develop his one page profile. As an advocate of person centred working Colin thinks what we are doing within the home is fantastic and was more than willing to get involved, Colin feedback to his team about his one page profile and was very flattered with what others had to say about him, as always it is great to be recognised for your hard work.

Visioncall are an eye care  service who provide our staff with training they require to give them an insight as to what it is like to live with an eye condition and how best to support people who suffer from one. Staff have recently feedback the training they received was really beneficial and gave them a better understanding of what it is like to live with a vision impairment and will now know how to support our residents better.

They provide our residents with an full eye service including eye tests, support with diagnosis of an eye impairment, provide suitable glasses with  a range of different frames to choose from and a full repair service. 

Colin's one-page profile