'Going Oot', enjoying the reminiscing pack from the central library.

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As part of the 'library at home service' we utilise from Dundee cetral library, we also get large reminising boxes from them. Each time they have included something different and the residents have enjoyed using them.

However this time we have the 'going oot' box. It includes information about the old dance halls in Dundee and Glasgow with lots of pictures but the items are what have sparked the most interest! As you can see by the pictures there were lots of items that jogged memories and conversations. Everyone was surprised by how heavy the old haridryer was compared to the newer version and the mink stole was either adored or detested (think it's the eyes and the attached legs)!!!

Great box as the items can be touched and something as simple as the silk stockings started a lot of conversations amongst the ladies.

There was items for the gents as well in the form of grooming kits, match boxes and tobacco tins along with the pictures sporting the latest fashions of the times!

Tuesday is the day we have our hairdresser come to visit so the ladies were saying it was just like the old days they remembered; getting your hair done and looking out your clothes before going out the dance halls!

All in all everyone including residents, family and staff thought this was a GREAT reminising source and it is on display in our lounge for a short time.