Grandparents Day - 10th September 2017

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This is a picture of our resident Annie May (prefers to be called May), her granddaughter Nicola and her great granddaughters Nevah (13), Lily (12), Bella (4) and Gracie (3).

Nicola visits very frequently so we wanted to find out from her and the girls why they have such a great bond with their Gran.

Nicola first explained how it all started with her Gran, and that was as soon as she was born!!!! Her mum Audrey (Mays’ only child) was very ill after she gave birth and so May took over the role as care giver. May was the first one to hold, change, feed and look after her until Audrey was better. Nicola thinks this is how it all began as after that her Gran always gave a lot of time and attention to her over the years, and did a lot of babysitting!!

Nicola and her family live in the house that Gran used to share with her Auntie Margaret and she believes this is what keeps Gran in the forefront of her mind; as although the décor is different now Nicola remembers it as how it was, and this gives her many happy memories.

When Nicola visits herself she likes to have a heart to heart with Gran, she always got great advice from her (before May came to live with us at Moyness due to issues relating to dementia) and still finds this to be the case despite the medical condition May has. Nicola feels the connection between them is very strong and that the visits only strengthen this bond. Nicola says that Gran is always smiling and very happy to see her and if she has a day when she doesn’t speak much Nicola still likes to tell her what is happening and keep her ‘up to date’, and of course do her nails; May always picks the wildest colour Nicola has!!!!

When Nicola brings the girls to visit this equally cheers up May. The girls are more than happy to come to see Gran and chat with her. Nicola is never tired of see how much this energises May; she sings, dances, chats away smiling all the time. Mays face quite literally lights up when she sees her family. This in turn makes everyone round about feel good.

Nicola has noticed that Bella has become very protective of her great Gran and is always fussing over her and making sure she is OK. The girls also enjoy Moyness gardens and when the weather allows they all go outside and May enjoys watching the kids playing.

It is obvious that the family have a very strong connection with each other; this is obvious from Mays reactions. You can feel the love!!!