Halloween Fun Day at Willowbank

Halloween Party Time

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The day started out with the carving of a pumpkin.  This was done superbly well by Doug, while others looked on awaiting the final result.  The pumpkin was named "Callum" by Helen D.  Callum was received very well by our residents and later in the day had pride of place in our Foyer.  Some of the staff turned up dressed for the occasion which just added to the fun element of the day.  The afternoon was taken up with some halloween themed party games.  Firstly we played pass the Pumpkin, then we had a touchy feely game with the residents having to guess what was in the box by feel only.  This proved a lot of fun and all the residents were keen to try this.  A little bit of cheating went on with some residents trying to look but this just added to the fun.  To top off the afternoon we were given some lovely halloween cake made by our kitchen staff.  It seemed such a shame to cut it up but everyone agreed it tasted lovely. There were some individual cakes too.  A fun-filled day was had by all.