Happy Days For George

Residents Choice

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As carers, it is extremely important that we ensure that the spiritual and emotional needs of our residents are catered for, as well as their personal care.

George, like many of our residents here at Lisden Care Home, thrives on being part of the team.  George regularly likes to help out around the home.  Whether its organising the CD's and DVD's, cleaning table tops, or helping out with our Activity Information Boards, we can count on George to lend a helping hand.

Last week, at George's request, we took to the spring morning for a walk outdoors.  The breeze was biting but the sun was shining, and George loved hearing the birds in the trees and seeing the spring flowers cutting through.  George even took his first selfie!  Later in the day, George joined residents in our Dementia Unit for an afternoon of drawing and painting.

Im sure you will agree, the smiles speak for themselves.