Know your Codes

SSSC Codes of Practice

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At Ruthven Towers we have been focusing on the newly revised Codes of Practice published by the SSSC. The codes are there to set an expected standard of care provided by each individual working in the care home. Jozi spent time with the residents in group meetings and one to one sessions to ensure everyone understood the purpose of the codes and the standard of care they are expected to recieve and to also make sure our residets expressed their views and felt listened too. 

Jozi discussed some of the codes and asked for feedback if they felt these were met and any examples of practice they felt should be shared and discussed. The results were very positive and it was lovely to hear all the great things that are being done in the home. Here is some of the feedback we recieved: 

“I am always asked my views on things ongoing in the home and we are always included in decisions to do with the home, just recently we got to change the menu to what we would like to eat” 

“I have a nice big room where I can go to for some time out and staff know not to disturb me or if they come to see me they always knock and ask if they can come in”.

“ I always feel I am treated fairly and as an individual my daily routine is always met the way I want it to be”

“ I have always been treated as a person and my individual wishes are always taken into account”