Know Your Rights

Convention on the rights of residents in care homes for adults and older people

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Today at our residents meeting within Ruthven Towers we reviewed the rights of adults and older people in care homes. We worked from the Scottish Care document Convention on the rights of Residents in Care Homes for Adults and Older people. Although the document is displayed within the care home we feel it is highly important to review this with residents regularly to ensure best practice.

We have taken all Articles from the document and published our own "Where we are at" with each Article. Today we reviewed Article 2 "Residents have the right to choice". Some of the feedback we got was "I am offered choice on a daily basis and i know i can ask for anything at any time if i require it" "I always get offered a choice regardless of what it may be and it is good that the staff know what choices to offer me within my own capabilities" "The staff are excellent they like to ensure everyone is offered choice i cannot fault the place". 

It is great to hear such poitive feedback from our residents knowing there rights are respected at all times.