Ladies Lunch Club

Ladies cook a grand lunch at the Huntly home...

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Today we had our Ladies Lunch club which went very well. The ladies who participated had a great time and rated the lunch 10/10!

Todays menu;

  • Tattie Soup with bread or oatcakes
  • Pineapple Upside Down Pudding with ice cream and/or custard
  • Rock Cakes 

After we had lunch we asked the ladies for their views on the mornings activity, comments included;

Helen B - "Its the best soup i've ever had here and its been great to spend time with the girls."

Liz M - "It's great that we get the opportunity to make our own food here, and I love the fresh vegetables."

Aggie B - "It's been first class!"


The ladies lunch club continues to be a successful monthly activity here at Balhousie Huntly with 2 sessions a month - one being held downstairs and the other upstairs. The ladies get a lot of joy and happiness from being able to make a meal for themselves and enjoy it in the company of friends who have helped to make it with them. Residents of the home also get to enjoy baking activities once a week and also seasonal cooking activities including chutney & jam making.