Luncarty Christmas Party

Festive Fun

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This is a special and emotional time of year for our residents and our dedicated team does everything they can to make sure that they celebrate Christmas in a way that is very personal to the residents.

The team are genuinely happy to be at work, making the day extra special for their residents: They enjoy themselves. It is such a nice and relaxing atmosphere and there is a real buzz around the home with so many loved ones popping in over the festive period.

Residents recently enjoyed their Christmas party. They were taken on a trip down memory lane with our regular entertainer Be Sharp who sung golden oldies, christmas carols and party favourites.

Residents and their families were encouraged to get up and dance, sing and clap along to the music. They had a little tipple from the bar menu and a buffet afterwards. A braw shindig for all!

Our hope for the annual Christmas party was that, by hearing the carols and celebrating with friends and family, it would help trigger reminiscence of past Christmases — hopefully bringing back many fond memories. And based on the feedback of residents, we think it did just that, which is fantastic!