Meaningful Activities

What better way to get involved than with chocolate!

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Kath recently took part in a baking activity, she was looking for "something to do" to help out and what better way than to make some tasty treats to share with her friends in the home.

Not content with helping set up the dining tables, dishing out teas and coffee's Kath made the treat to go along with it.

Kath found this activity extremely rewarding and the other residents feedback and compliments was greatly appreciated and recieved by Kath.

"It is important that older people in care homes have the opportunity to take part in activity, including activities of daily living, that helps to maintain or improve their health and mental wellbeing. They should be encouraged to take an active role in choosing and defining activities that are meaningful to them. Whenever possible, and if the person wishes, family, friends and carers should be involved in these activities. This will help to ensure that activity is meaningful and that relationships are developed and maintained"

I think Kath's smile spoke volumes ... a reward for us as carers to see and her as the resident to share her lovely treats with her freinds.