Monkbarns recognises the importance and benefits of inter-generational well-being

Care home residents and primary school pupils form partnerships to enhance well-being and learning

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Monkbarns Care Home embraces inter-generational well-being for residents in their care.

One way we do this is by partnering with local primary school Timmergreens, and working closely with them to facilitate meaningful activities between residents and pupils.

Our residents very much look forward to these interactions with the children from the school, with all ages benefiting from the partnership.

Encouraging young and old to participate in activities together has many benefits including skill and knowledge sharing, empowerment, contributing to a sense of achievement and worth, friendship making and connection building, and helping to break down the stigma's that can exist between generations, to name but a few.

Our latest inter-generational activity was an afternoon of curling, where both pupils and residents communicated effectively with each other and worked in pairs and teams.

Everyone who took part thoroughly enjoyed the game and the interaction, and residents are very much looking forward to the Timmergreens pupils returning for more activities and friendship making.