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A fantastic sports day at Monkbarns!
We had plenty of fun things to do at Monkbarns today!

We had five groups of people getting involved with our sports day, with five people in each one.
The groups were all given a diferent colour to represent them, we had blue, black, red, pink and green!
There was five different events, we had basketball, egg and spoon, hupla, get the ball in the bucket and target practise.
It was good to see everyone show a little bit of competitiveness with each other.
It was great having so much laughter and fun in the cafe with so many people getting to interact.

A massive thank you to all the helpers we had today, Lisa H, Nikki, Fiona, Steph, Lisa T, Marion and Mihaela.
What a great help they were, between interacting with everyone and helping with the set up and participating in all the events, it really made our sports day!

To help round off the sports day we had a few people do hook the duck, and then we all enjoyed a hot dog or beef burger.
we also had a few extra's of side salad, tomatos, cucumber, potato salad and home made coleslaw, all done by our great chef, Kirsty!
We can't wait for our next Sports Day!!