Monkbarns to McManus with OOMPH

Residents pay a visit to McManus Galleries in Dundee

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Residents from Monkbarns were eager to take a trip to Dundee last week to visit McManus Galleries.  Everyone really enjoyed a tour round the amazing building, taking time to look and discuss the works of art. 

The first floor we visited had lots of fascinating art work that residents Bet and Bill were particularly interested in.  The second floor was full of artefacts from different historical periods.  Residents found the Egyptian sections to be particularly interesting, and all the model boats. 

Over all the residents, driver and staff had a fantastic time and of course we couldn’t leave without sampling the refreshments from the galleries cafe. 

On the way home we took a detour in our OOMPH bus to do some sight-seeing around Dundee.  One of our residents who previously lived in Dundee was amazed to see how much the city has changed and grown over the years.