Move Over Chefs, Lisdens Residents Are Doing It For Themselves

Summer Cheesecake Making....And Tasting!

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Hands washed, gloves and aprons on, spoons at the ready!  By the looks, and taste of these cheesecakes, I think our chefs at Lisden Care Home have some healthy competition on their hands.

Residents thoroughly enjoyed taking part in an afternoon of creative culinary activity.  The group chose to make a zesty, lemon, lime and ginger cheesecake, and also a scrumptiously sweet and tasty, raspberry and white chocolate cheesecake.

There was lots of tasting going on along the way, to check our recipes were up to parr, and rest assured there were no double dips.

What a great job they did, and those not taking part in the baking were very happy to help us out by polishing off a plateful of their chosen cheesecake at dinner time.