Mum's the Word at Luncarty

Mother's hold their Children's hands for a moment and their Heart for a Lifetime

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The greatest gift a mother can give is her love

We have been celebrating all of our wonderful mum's at Luncarty house.

Families were invited in to have their Sunday lunch with their mum's and Anne our cook made some delicious cupcakes for afternoon tea. Staff made some little Mother's day treats for the residents to enjoy with their dessert.  

Why do we celebrate Mother's Day?

We celebrate Mother’s Day in order to show our mum’s how important they are to us. They enrich our lives with their presence and add meaning and beauty to it.

What can we do to repay her love on this special day celebrating a lady who has one of the hardest jobs in the world?

Make her Feel Special

Mothers do just about everything for their families. Right from cooking, cleaning to instilling good values to her children, mothers do all that is required to impart warmth and comfort to their loved ones. They take care of nourishing both the body and the soul.

Mum did all the hard work willingly and what’s more, without pay. We celebrate Mother’s day as a way of giving back, you not only give mum a helping hand with tasks she may find difficult, it could be eating if you visit for a meal or helping her with her cup of tea as her hands are getting a bit more shaky, but you also show respect for her. It is a wonderful way to express our gratitude and appreciation for all the selfless love she bestows on us.

Show Appreciation

Mothers become nurses when any family member get sick. They are there to offer advice, be it on relationships, trouble at school or work. One more reason why we celebrate Mother’s Day is to show her how much we appreciate all the work she put in for us as we were growing up.

Spend Quality Time Together

Mother's Day is also family day. This day allows everyone to just spend time together. It is a good chance to bond with the other members of the family. Everyone could get together and share a meal, or a cuppa and cake. No matter how you spend the day, it usually means the same thing – spending quality time with each other. You can take advantage of this day to just be with the family, with the emphasis on making it special for mum.

Mum Needs to Have Fun Too

Another reason why we celebrate Mother's Day is so that our mothers get some much deserved time to relax.

A Time to Display Affection

People celebrate this day to show their affection. As anyone with a mum will tell you, one never ceases to be a mother. It doesn’t matter if her offspring is 13 years old or 30. The love and affection they show will never change. On this day, children and husbands can show her they feel the same way.

There are many reasons why we celebrate Mother’s Day. But the essence of the day is to show love and admiration for mothers everywhere.