Music fills the air!

Fingers and feet a tapping!

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Our residents were treated to an impromptu playlist from members of the band Strung, Drawn and Quartered! 

Part of a much larger group, we welcomed Megan on fiddle, whose Grand Father, Colin is resident with us at Balhousie Pitlochry,  Maired also on fiddle, William on keyboard and Jamie on the cajon or drum box and they were happy to play requests from a number of our residents and visiting relatives on Friday. 

All of our residents thoroughly enjoyed the session and didnt want it to end but unfortunately as Megan and William are off to Edinburgh University and Maired and Jamie are heading back to school, we may have to wait until Xmas time to hear the magical sound of the strings and such again!

Thanks to the youngsters for taking time out to treat everyone to a fabulous afternoon of music and singing!