Music rebuilds our relationships

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Alan Wilson, the husband of a resident living with dementia within Moyness care home speaks of his experience of Playlist for Life.

Playlist for Life

“It has been asserted that the therapeutic value of music to living with any form of dementia cannot be overstated. One doctor in particular said ‘patients don’t need me when they have music.’

Maureen is a music lover and former singer, and the music which I chose certainly seems to put her at ease. The player itself seems to be very modern and the fact that we can listen jointly is an excellent innovation.

My thanks must go to Moyness for their efforts in unearthing some of the music requested and it will undoubtedly make life more tolerable for Maureen and me.”

Celebrate the success

This highlights the impact Playlist for Life can have on the life of residents and the benefits this brings to their loved ones as they redevelop connections.