National Alzheimers Day

A very full day of activities to support National Alzheimers Day

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To Support National Alzheimers day we had a full day of activites.  The morning was taken up with a Slideshow of Carnoustie Past and Present.  Many of our Residents are from Carnoustie and they enjoyed a trip down memory lane at how Carnoustie used to look.  Many commented on the olden days when Carnoustie used to be such a thriving place and many people used to come to our wonderful beach.  One of our Residents used to work in a shop called "The Emporium" and it was there to see in black and white!!!  We had lots of conversation as the slides were shown and I learnt many things I didn"t know about Carnoustie. A very enjoyable morning.

The afternoon was one of karaoke style song and dance.  We had a guest singer Amanda who led us in this singalong.  Many of the residents plucked up the courage to sing with the microphone.  Lovely to hear.  Dancing was very much part of the agenda and those who were able to did this wonderfully.  Staff members joined in too - leading the way in the Slosh and the Gay Gordons.  An exhausting but fun afternoon.