National Popcorn Day

Antiquary host a cinema day with style

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Antiquary residents enjoyed a lovely afternoon of movies, hot popcorn, and a selection of mini-buffet treats to celebrate National Popcorn Day on Friday 19th January.  The residents spent the morning reminiscing about silver screen stars and classic films, and choosing a preferred movie for each of the 4 lounges afternoon entertainment.  The movies chosen were James Bond - Tomorrow never Dies, Calamity Jane, Lassie Come Home, and Singing in The Rain. 

With the lights turned down, the curtains closed, movies playing, and the smell of hot popcorn in the air, it was a truly amazing atmosphere throughout the home.

Many thanks to Lori, for providing the popcorn, Cath and the kitchen team for rustling up the yummy buffet, and the care team and Lynne D for their expertise at popcorn popping!   Well done all.  Happy Popcorn Day!