Nepal rebuild project after Earthquake

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We all remember the devastating impact of the Nepal earthquake on 25th April 2015, followed by the secondary quake on the 12th May, causing large scale destruction.

One of our Domestic staff at NING, Gyanmala Khanal originally lived in Nepal with her husband and family. Thankfully all safe, ‘Mala’ as we called her, faced the heartache of losing her home and belongings. Now however, she will be returning to Nepal to help with the organisation and rebuild of her home.

Joining her husband who flew out earlier this year, Mala will be overseeing the building work while Mr Khanal returns to Perth to run their restaurant.

We will really miss Mala and the contribution she makes here at the home. She is always cheery and happy and we wish her the best of luck and success in developing her house.

We look forward to seeing her again soon and absolutely welcoming her back to the home.