NING Summer Fayre

Summer fun for everyone

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On Saturday 1st August we had our Summer Fayre which raised a remarkable £ 740 for our residents comfort funds.

Counsellor Heather Stuart

We were joined by Counsellor Heather Stuart and Counsellor Alexander who officially opened the event for all to enjoy. We had lots of support for the home with attendance from relatives and members of the local community which was very much appreciated.

Thankfully the weather also held up for the majority of the day, only starting to rain once we had moved inside to enjoy the organised music entertainment.

Thank you to everyone

A huge thanks to all staff, relatives and volunteers who donated items or their time. The money they helped to raise will allow us to deliver experiences to all residents within NING and help us add to the quality of life they have here.

A special thanks also goes to Chef Tommy for the great BBQ, Joanna for allowing everyone to soak you through! And a big Thank You to Mima for all the organizing of such a successful event.