Outdoor Fun

Taking advantage of the beautiful weather ... and scenery

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 We are loving the sunshine at Luncarty. For our residents, the benefits of fresh air and exercise may include increased mental wellness and higher levels of energy It will also help to promote sleep and rest in the evening.

Most people in their home environment spend 90% of their time indoors and some cannot get outside at all. Fresh air can lower body temperature, refresh our cells, helps our lungs function and improve our sense of well being. Getting fresh air can help you feel better both physically and mentally.

If our residents can not get out physically we make use of wheel chairs to enable them to experience the outdoors so they also get the benefits.

Our residents loved having fun in the sun with our Activity co-ordinator Audrey and Carer Asistants Deanna and Meggy. I am sure there was a bit of friendly competition going on and we even managed to get a hoop on the target ....Well done everyone ... Another great day had by all.