Pitlochry- Art class

Working partnerships with local NHS

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We have been trying to partake in community groups/classes for some time. After a chance meeting with Leslie over at the hospital, she kindly invited us over to join in one of the classes. Our residents had a great afternoon. We hope to continue with our partnerships and keeping connections with the community and have opened a return invite to the home and the activities we have on offer.

We would like to say a big thank you to Leslie for spending time with us, discussing how we can work together and keep connections flowing with all groups. We look forward to seeing some of her clients in the home enjoying our hospitality and striking up new friendships or continuing those that were lost through movement in to a care home. 

We should never forget the movement is just a change of address for residents, and we are very keen on keeping residents active in the community around us, that they were wholly part of before. Pitlochry are very excited about the future.