Pitlochry welcomes community involvement! Events December


Our up an coming resident music events are as follows:

on Monday 8th December at 17.45 we welcome the local choir for a Christmas Carol concert, please pop along and enjoy our festively decorated home, and savour some of the chef Esme's famous mouth watering mince pies.

Tuesday 16th December at 10am we have Pitlochry Primary school choir sharing their joyous seasons greetings in song, the residents love seeing the children come to the home and we gladly welcome them for a second time and look forward to more inter-generational co-operatives in the future.  

Sunday 21st 11.30-1145 we look forward to hearing the Baptist church children's choir sing some old and new carols, this will be the children's first visit to the home under the church banner, as some also sing in the school choir. We welcome them with open arms and look forward to seeing them visit the home more in the future.

please remember we actively encourage and welcome all community groups to share with the residents of the home their hobbies and interests, please feel free to contact us to arrange times/space and availability within our current activity calendar, we try to keep our residents in touch with the groups already established in the town and to still feel part of life outside of the home, but also for easy reach of those less able. contact us on 01796 473280.