Pottery class at Pitlochry

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Earlier this year, we were the first home in Balhousie to reach 90% completion for Promoting Excellence in dementia care. We’re very proud of all our staff, it’s taken a lot of hard work and dedication to get there but the benefit for residents make it all worth the extra effort.

As part of our reward, the company gifted us with a bird bath to go in our new sensory garden that we are in the process of developing. The treasure in this was that, instead of simply giving us a new bath, they put us in touch with a local artist (Alison) who has been coming into our home to  conduct potter classes with residents so that we could make our own.

We held our first class this week and we had a great time. Alison will be back next week to carry out the next session where we’re also helping to make wind chimes, and nice extra sensory item. It’s great that we’re all part of making this for the garden, it makes it extra special and personal. All we need now is the nice sunny weather.