Reminiscent Group

Lisden Welcomes the Return of Reminiscent Group

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Lisden Care Home has been co-hosting a regular reminiscent group in collaboration with Kirriemuir Library and Angus Alive for a year now.  Led by Angus Alives’ Information Advisor Geraint Davies and Lisdens’ Activity Coordinator and Dementia Ambassador Gail Melville, we were happy to welcome the return of the group this September, after a short break over the summer season.   Kirriemuir Library hosts the groups on the first Tuesday of every month at 11am, and thereafter, a repeat group is hosted at Lisden Care Home on the penultimate Tuesday of every month at 2pm (with the exception of October).  All are invited to attend any of the groups and to join us for refreshments after.  We look forward to seeing you there.

September 19th, 2pm @ Lisden     =  ‘Who’s Hat Is That?’

October 3rd, 11am @ Library         =  Fashion

October 31st, 2pm @ Lisden           =  Halloween (plus quiz)

November 7th, 11am @ Library    =  Autumn

November 21st, 2pm @ Lisden      =  Autumn

December 5th, 11am @ Library     =  School Days

December 19th, 2pm @ Lisden      =  School Days

January 9th, 11am @ Library          =  Winter

January 23rd, 2pm @ Lisden           =  Winter

February 6th, 11am @ Library        =  Love and Marriage

February 20th, 2pm @ Lisden         =  Love and Marriage

March 6th, 11am @ Library              =  GH Talk

March 20th, 2pm @ Lisden               =  Spring

April 3rd, 11am @ Library                 =  Villages around Kirrie

April 17th, 2pm @ Lisden                  =  Villages around Kirrie

May 1st, 11am @ Library                   =  Summer

May 22nd, 2pm @ Lisden                   =  Summer

June 5th, 11am @ Library                  =  Lucky Dip

June 19th, 2pm @ Lisden                   =  Lucky Dip

Please direct any enquiries to;