Residents Of Willowbank Attend British Legion Event

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Residents of Willowbank home attended a British Legion event organised by Gavin Wilson from the British Legion and Activity organiser, Many Buist. Family and members of the community volunteered to organise and help out at the event making it a great success.

Support to servcie men and women

The British Legion is an organisation which was set up in 1921 to support service men and women who had returned to civilian life after serving for our country. After serving with the Armed Forces many feel isolated and the British Legion allowed these service men and women to experience a sense of community and friendship.

Community engagement

The event held for the residents of Willowbank was organised for similar reasons. Many residents can feel isolated from society when they transition to a care home and events like these allow them to interact with others. Residents, family, staff and members of the wider community joined together to allow residents to make new friendships and feel part of society.

Future events

The event achieved what it intended as there was a real sense of community spirit. Volunteers helped set up the event and served snacks and drinks to the residents. There was music and dancing and everyone enjoyed themselves. Due to the success of the British Legion event it is hoped that the event can be held on a regular basis.